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   We are glad to see you on our site. Very much we hope that you like to participate in the contest. The main idea - to create a website of the most satisfying the needs of the amateur, participating in various competitions. It is a comfortable and full calendar of competitions, the availability of information about the current rules of the contest, assistance in the preparation and sending of logs, the information about claimed and final results and much more. They should all be available and the most convenient for any radio amateur.

   Our site is only in the very beginning of its establishment. While the implemented functions of the Contest-calendar and the results data base of the contest, as well as the rating of the Union of Radioamateurs of Russia (SRR). In the near future will be the news section. At the present time almost all the effort and time spent on primary populate the tables with the calendar and the database of the results. Only after the completion of the filling we will be able to to begin realization of other functions.

   Maybe you liked the features that are already implemented us and you share our ideas. We will be glad if you wish to have the feasible help in creating the site. It can be both of your advice and wishes, as well as specific assistance. Not necessarily be super-programmer. For example, we need people who are able to make good translations of the rules of the contest from English into Russian and vice versa. Or those who know how to work with tables in Microsoft Excel. And who can follow the changes of the rules of the contest or to a class of news, well, etc. The main thing is your desire to be helpful community radio-contestman. Your proposals and suggestions you can send to e-mail: oleg@ua9qcq.com

   And in any case if you like our site just tell about it to their friends and acquaintances. Well, and often themselves come to us, make sure the changes and news.

   73! de Oleg UA9QCQ.

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