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Warm-up Stew Perry Topband Distance Challenge

Start: Saturday of October penultimate full weekend in 15:00 UTC (17 October, 2020 in 15:00)
Finish: Sunday in 14:59 UTC (18 October, 2020 in 14:59)
Modes: CW
Categories (classes):
Low power: 100 watts or less output.
QRP: 5 watts or less output.
High power: 1500 watts output or whatever you can legally run
in your country - whichever is less.
Operate for a maximum of 14 hours.  Off times are 30 minutes
minimum and a maximum of four off periods are permitted.

Single Op - you to not be assisted by other humans during the event

Multi Ops - packet spotting is right out.
Four character grid square.
RST is optional.
Points for QSO:
Minimum of 1 point per QSO and an additional point for
every 500 kilometers distance.

QSO Points are multiplied by 2X if you work a low power station
and 4X for working a QRP station.

LP Stations multiply their score by 1.5.
QRP Stations multiply their score by 3.
Sending of electronic logs:
30 days after contest
There are no plaques or other awards for the warm-up events.
Web-site: http://jzap.com/k7rat/stew.html
Link for original rules:
Rules file in Microsoft Word format: StewPerry_eng.doc