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Worked All Germany

Start: Saturday of 3rd October full weekend in 15:00 UTC (17 October, 2020 in 15:00)
Finish: Sunday in 14:59 UTC (18 October, 2020 in 14:59)
Modes: CW, SSB
Categories (classes):
Output power: 
QRP = up to 5 watts, 
low power = up to 100 watts,
high power = more than 100 watts
-Transmitters, receivers and antennas used in the contest must
be located within a 2 km diameter circle
-DX cluster support is allowed for all categories
-Only one signal permitted at any time (exception: multi
operator for working new multipliers)

For Multi operator Band changes are allowed every ten
minutes; Exception: working of new multiplier (other
transmitters may be used in parallel to the main station to
work multipliers on other bands, this means, several signals
may be on the air on different bands at the same time).
Valid QSO only with Germany
Non-German:RS/RST + serial number
German: RS/RST + DOK
Points for QSO:
Non-German: 3 points per QSO

1 point per QSO with another German station
3 points for an European station
5 points for a DX-station
Non-German: German districts (1st letter of the DOK) on each
band regardless of mode

German: Each DXCC/WAE country per band regardless of mode
Sending of electronic logs:
Two weeks or, more specific, the third Monday after the end
of the contest.
The 3 high scorers from Germany, irrespective of category,
whose first licensing date is no older than 3 years will be
awarded with a “Cup”.
Certificates will be awarded to every participant as PDF-file
for self-printing.
Link for original rules:
Rules file in Microsoft Word format: WAG_eng.doc