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HSC Contest

Start: 1st Sunday of November in 09:00 UTC (01 November, 2020 in 15:00)
Finish: Sunday in 16:59 UTC (01 November, 2020 in 17:59)
Modes: CW
Categories (classes):
MEMBER - HSC members (max. 150 watts HF output);
NO-MEMBER - Non-members (max. 150 watts HF output);
QRP - members and non-members, max. 5 watts HF output.
1st round: 09.00 - 10.59 UTC
2nd round: 15.00 - 16.59 UTC
Every station may be worked once per band and round.
SWL: The same station need to appear in the log only five times maximum per period.
RST + HSC membership number, e.g. 599/1730.
Non-members: RST + NM, e.g. 599/NM.
No exchange of serial numbers.
Points for QSO:
5 point per QSO with a member of the HSC.
1 point per QSO with a non-member.
Result = Sum of QSO points.
Please send your log files preferably via e-mail. Computer disks or paper logs are also acceptable.
The preferred data format is LMF by using the software LM from DL8WAA. LM is a tool to create, edit and evaluate contest logs
ex post. It's not a log software.
Data formats Cabrillo, STF, EDI and tabulator separated ASCII files are also welcome. Incoming logs formatted as ADIF or Windows
Works or Word are not acceptable.
E-mail log entries are valid only after confirmation by the contest manager. The call signs are published on HSC web site.
Please obey the following rules if you send your log via E-Mail:
- Subject line of your e-mail: Call sign and category of participation;
- Appended log file: Name it call sign only, i.e. dl0hsc.log. Do not call it hsc-contest-log12008 or something like that.
- Please submit one single log file only, containing all necessary data. Do not send logs twice or separate logs per band etc.
Submissions that disregard these requirements are counted as Checklog.
Send an SASE to the Contest Manager to get a printed results list.
The results are published via HSC Bulletin and on HSC web site.
Sending of electronic logs:
Postal address for sending the log:
Joe Vollbrecht, DL4CF, HSC Contest Manager, Steingasse 3, D-06642 Nebra,Germany
Deadline for all logs is 3 weeks after the contest (postmark or received date of evaluable e-mail).
Since 1998 HSC rewards the 'HSC Contestchampion Of The Year'. Therefore, you have to win both contests in the year. Changing the
category is allowed, you may combine any. The winner receives a special award donated by HSC. Every participant receives a special
QSL card via the bureau.
Web-site: http://www.highspeedclub.org/
Link for original rules:
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Examples lines for Cabrillo format logs:
                              -------transmitted------ -------received---------  
**** ***** ** ********** **** ************* *** ****** ************* *** ****** *
for HSC-members:
QSO: 14025 CW 2013-02-24 0900 UA8AAA        599 2013   OE1XXX        599 NM      
QSO:  7017 CW 2013-02-24 0905 UA8AAA        599 2013   UA5GGG        599 2012    
for Non-members:
QSO: 14025 CW 2013-02-24 0900 UA8AAA        599 NM     OE1XXX        599 NM      
QSO:  7017 CW 2013-02-02 0905 UA8AAA        599 NM     UA5GGG        599 2012