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Enable the following areas during the RDA Contest 2012 will be received special plaques.
Conditions are simple, not less than 100 QSO during the test, correctly formatted log participant of the contest. In case of activation of one area of the two or more different call signs, special plaque will be awarded station, obtains the maximum number of points.

   RDAC Most Wanted List:
   CK-04    CK-06    CK-08    CN-06    CN-07
   CN-10    CN-12    CN-16    CN-21    CN-23
   KE-21    KT-11    KT-13    KT-15    MO-23
   MO-26    MO-52    PM-51    SL-20    SL-27
   TL-37    UL-28    YA-06    YA-08    YA-13

   73! RX3RC

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