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Russian Contest Club invites contesters from the former USSR to take part in IARU Region 1 HF Field Day CW Contest 2013.

The contest will be held on 1-2 June 2013 (15z-15z).

Rules You may find at our website. The original rules of the contest are available on the website HF Field Day.
In the rules of HF Field Day there are changes in the Requirements section of your Logs. CABRILLO format is now available for upload from Web interface of our site. Preferred format of the electronic logging is now Cabrillo. Continue to be valid and other formats of electronic logs (for example, the former the preferred format of STF), but such logs are accepted only by e-mail -

RCC is sponsoring two plaques on each contest. Invited third-party sponsors for the establishment of additional awards. Because plaques RCC likely will go to the winners of subgroups MO OPEN and SO, that additional awards may be established for MO RESTRICTED, and SO QRP, as well as for a subgroup FIXED. It is also possible establishment of additional awards on a geographical basis (e.g. to stimulate activity of the Far East). Sponsors Are Welcome!
As before, the participants showed the result is not worse than 10 percent of the leader of the subgroup will receive diplomas on behalf of the RCC. I will try this year to send diplomas more quickly than ever, CW - in the summer, for SSB - not later December. However plaques RCC likely to be produced together for both the contest and sent at the end of this year or early next year. Some comments to participants. Formally RCC judges logs from Russia and countries of the "near overseas", i.e. from countries of the former USSR. Often, however, come and logs of the countries of "far overseas" and we also checking. Participants of the "far overseas" also can receive, and received the diplomas RCC, however, receive plaques RCC participants of the "far overseas" I don't guarantee. However such precedent had not, and if it does, then maybe everything will be decided to send plaque and the "far overseas" (but I repeat, I do not guarantee).

73, Valery, R2SA

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