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   Very short time left until the next "Black Sea Cup International", which will take place February 2012, 04-05
   In the threshold of this event we have prepared a table of records contest in all categories: RECORDS of ALL TIME - "Black Sea Cup International"
   We invite all contest imortant criteria, headquarters of radio clubs and radio amateurs of good will to take part in the international event of the Black sea Contest Club, BSCC (Black Sea Contest Club). The founders and sponsors are already preparing prizes and diplomas to the winners. For the members of the BSCC, who will hold 100 or more links and send you a report, founded on a valuable prize - a transceiver, which will be raffled off lottery.
   We remind that the official page of "Black Sea Cup International" is located at site with the Rules can be found there-the same. Pay attention to the changed e-mail of the sending logs -
   On the pages of our site is poll - "do you support the open publication log participants are BSCI after the expiration of the acceptance of the reports?" Please share your opinion for a change of the procedure of judging contest!?
   Thanks in advance to everyone for the help in compilation of this information to all amateur forums and publications.
   Before the meeting in the "Black Sea Cup International"-2012!
   Wishing to become a sponsor of the nomination of the existing or establish its own e-mail in private message

   73! Andrey UU0JM

   On this site you can get acquainted with:
Contest Rules
"Black Sea Cup International" Results Data Base
"Black Sea Cup International"-2011 Results

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