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      On the site of the CQ World Wide WPX Contest published the results for the year 2011.
   With results you can see also on this website:
Total Results Data Base
CQ WPX SSB Data Base
2011 CQ WPX SSB Results

   The first places in the least by category took:
SO AB HP - Tom, 8P5A (W2SC);
SO AB LP - Yuri, 8P3A (VE3DZ);
SO AB QRP - Bill, TI5N (W8QZA);
SO AB HP Assisted - Sergey, ER4A (UT5UDX);
SO SB 28MHz - Juan, LU1HF;
SO SB 21MHz - Gordon, VP2EH (N5AU);
SO SB 14MHz - Pedro, HK1X;
SO SB 7MHz - Salim, HK1T;
SO SB 3.7MHz - Sasa, 9A40Y (9A3LG);
SO SB 1.8MHz - Fabio, I4FYF;
SO AB HP Tribander/Single-Element - Ashraf, 3V8SS (KF5EYY);
SO AB HP Rookie - Abdalla, JY5CC;
MO Single-Transmitter - 3V1A Team, Operators: YT1AD, YT3M, YT3W, S56A;
MO Two-Transmitter - EB8AH Team, Operators: EA5DY, EA5DFV, OH6RX, EA8ZS, EA8AH, EA8CAC;
MO Multi-Transmitter - DR1A Team, Operators: DB6JG, DF6JC, DJ7EO, DK6XZ, DL1QQ, DL3BPC, DL3DXX, DL6FBL, DL8DYL, DL8WPX, JK3GAD, PC5A, SV2KBS;

   With a complete list of winners of the awards can be found on the site of the "CQ" magazine.

   Congratulations to the winners!

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