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Logs are accepted for:

Web-interface is designed to send logs for different of contests. Upload logs through the interface agreed with the organizers of the contest.
Current list of contests, logs for which you can upload see to the LEFT.
Don't forget to enter your email address before you click on the button "Upload Log". Upload log consists of two steps. On the first step of the log is checked for errors and calculate the claimed result of the participant.
The message about that in the log there is no error and the output of claimed result is not the case load of the log.
The second step is loaded tested log. But for download need your reaffirmation of consent download the log. On your email which You have indicated in the beginning will be sent a notification about the successful uploading of your log.
With the list of received logs and the category you can find in the section "Uploaded logs".
In section "Claimed results" you can get acquainted with claimed results.
The list of received logs and claimed results are formed only on the basis of the logs are uploaded through a Web-interface. Logs sent to the organizers by e-mail to these lists NOT GET.

Feedback: If you have problems with uploading log, which you can't handle yourself, you can seek help to site administration.

- Submitted file should comply with Cabrillo standard as well as the requirements of the contest rules.
- Please do not use the characters single or double quotes inside the file.
- You can use any file name for your log, but name must to consist of standard ASCII characters (excluding space character) and we strongly recommend that your call sign would be part of the name. That will enable us to solve possible problems with you file should there be some problems.
- Uploading your log, you therefore declare that you have obeyed contest rules.
- Uploading your log you therefore agree that the data found in your log can be used by this site administration for creation of various data bases.
- The administration of this site guarantees that your log would never be used for anything that contradicts Fair Play ethics.

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