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   We are happy to welcome You on our website.
   Website ua9qcq.com it was created as a website for those who participate in various radioamateur contests.
   In the "Calendar" section, you can view the competition calendar. Calendar data is updated monthly on the eve of the next month. We try to ensure that our calendar contains only up-to-date data.
   In the "Logs" you can upload your log for the competitions, the organizers of which decided to upload logs through our resource. Please be careful to read the preliminary Instruction before uploading the log and carefully read the messages that will appear during the loading of your log. before loading the log and carefully read the messages that will appear during the loading of Your log. In the same section, you can view lists of logs that have already been uploaded and tables of Preliminary results.
   In the "Results" section, you can view the results of competitions whose organizers have decided to conduct judging of competitions on our server. As a rule, in this case, the UBN of all participants is public and you can view them in this section.

   Our immediate plans are to improve the design and navigation of the site, to further expand the capabilities of the Web interface for uploading logs, to introduce a system for registering site users, and much more.
   We have already done a lot of work, a lot of work has been invested in creating this site. Maintaining and further developing the site requires significant resources. That is why we are appealing to You. If you like what we do and you have a desire to help the site, You can read the terms in the section "Support".

Russian 160m DX Contest
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